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At Open Arms OB/GYN in Toronto, we provide informed welcoming care to people of all gender identities and expressions, romantic and sexual orientations, and partnered statuses. We respect your right to be addressed by the name and pronoun you choose and to be cared for in a way that makes you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Dr. Helena Frecker has a particular interest and experience in care for the LGBTQQIP2SA+ and gender diverse communities, and, in addition to her clinical work, is actively involved in education, research, advocacy, and policy development in this area.


Gender-Confirming Surgery

Dr. Frecker provides gender-confirming hysterectomy +/- removal of tubes and ovaries for individuals transitioning from female to male. Your referring provider will need to arrange for 2 assessments to be submitted on your behalf to the Ministry of Health in order to receive approval for the surgery.

This approval is typically provided by the Ministry in a matter of a few weeks and is forwarded directly to Dr. Frecker. Dr. Frecker can help facilitate this process if there are any issues. Dr. Frecker will see you for a consultation and counseling, then book surgery, which will occur at Michael Garron Hospital. You will be offered a referral for oocyte (egg) freezing prior to surgery, and it is entirely your choice to proceed with this or not.

More information on the Ministry of Health application for gender-confirming surgery, including requirements for assessments, can be found here:

Post-operative Care and Support for Trans Men and Trans Women

Dr. Frecker has attended a surgical observership at GRS Montreal and is familiar with the steps and post-operative considerations of bottom surgeries for trans men and trans women. Dr. Frecker offers post-operative care and support for individuals who have had vaginoplasty, as well as metoidioplasty and phalloplasty.

Issues Experienced by Patients on Testosterone

Individuals on testosterone can experience troublesome issues such as pelvic pain, pelvic floor tension, internal dryness/burning, sexual pain, breakthrough bleeding, and others. We offer workup and treatment of these issues.

LGBTQ+ and Gender-inclusive Prenatal, Labour, and Birth Care

We offer inclusive pregnancy, labour, and birth care for LGBTQ+ and gender diverse individuals. We deliver babies at Michael Garron Hospital, where we are striving to make our labour & birth unit as inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community as possible through education of our staff, policy development, and creation of a safe and gender-inclusive space.

Cervical/Pap Screening

For trans men who have not had a total hysterectomy and who have been sexually active, it is recommended that routine cervical screening with a pap test be started at age 21. We realize that having a pelvic exam and pap test can for some people be a very distressing experience and are committed to providing this service in a sensitive, gentle, and patient-centered manner.

More information on cervical screening for trans men can be found here: