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Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), formerly Toronto East General Hospital, is a large urban community teaching hospital which has served East Toronto since 1929. MGH is affiliated with the University of Toronto and provides training to medical students and residents.


Family Birthing Centre 

The Family Birthing Centre at MGH is a state of the art, welcoming environment offering a safe and inclusive birthing experience for you and your family. MGH offers Level II Maternity and Neonatal Care. MGH has been proudly named “Baby Friendly,” an official designation by the World Health Organization that acknowledges provision of an optimum environment for the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding / chestfeeding.

For comprehensive information on the Family Birthing Centre, and Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Care at MGH, see:https://www.tehn.ca/programs-services/family-birthing-centre


What the Family Birthing Centre at MGH has to offer: 

  • Labour & Delivery Unit Services
    • In-house Obstetrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Anesthesia
    • Access to epidural 24/7
    • Lactation Consultant
    • Social Work
  • Special Services offered:
    • Skin-to-Skin Cesarean Section
    • Free drop-in Breast-Feeding Clinic 6 days/week
    • Obstetrical Medicine
    • Endocrinology
    • Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic
    • Amniotic Membrane Donation
  • Special Designations:
    • WHO Baby-Friendly Hospital Certification
    • Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Culture of Inclusiveness:
    • Vast experience serving diverse East York patient populations, with cultural and religious sensitivity
    • Open and inclusive to LGBTQ+ and Gender Diverse patients and families
    • Established policy for families delivering through surrogacy / gestational carrier — unique to GTA



Family Birthing Centre


Skin-to-skin C-section birth at MGH


What to Pack When Delivering


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)


Tour of the Special Care Nursery at MGH


Surgery at MGH 

MGH offers a state of the art surgical suite and is committed to surgical excellence and safety.
For surgeries available through Open Arms OB/GYN at MGH, see our surgery page

For further information about surgery at MGH in general, see https://www.tehn.ca/programs-services/family-birthing-centre


Outpatient Department Services 

There are several outpatient services available through MGH, where our doctors may see you themselves or refer you to see a different specialist.


Obstetrical Medicine Clinic
This clinic is available to pregnant patients with additional medical issues, such as hypertension or anemia in pregnancy. This clinic is run by an internal medicine specialist.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic
This clinic is available to pregnant patients who have either pre-existing diabetes or gestational diabetes. This clinic is run by endocrinology specialists.

Colposcopy Clinic
Colposcopy is a special type of examination of the vagina and cervix that is required if you have had one or more abnormal pap tests, or if your doctor is concerned regarding a finding on pelvic exam. Colposcopy takes about 5-10 minutes and is similar to a pap test. The doctor will insert a speculum, apply a solution to the cervix with a cotton ball, then look at your cervix with a special microscope. In some cases, small biopsies are required, however these tend to be only mildly uncomfortable.
Dr. Frecker performs colposcopy at MGH and requires a referral for this to be faxed by your physician to the Outpatient Department at MGH - 416-469-6458.

Early Pregnancy Clinic
The Early Pregnancy Clinic is available to individuals experiencing complications in early pregnancy such as uncertain viability, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy.
For more information on the Early Pregnancy Clinic, see: http://www.tegh.on.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=3-22-5283-5395&lang=1

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Clinic
Dr. Ornstein runs a clinic for pediatric and adolescent individuals with gynecologic concerns. This clinic requires a referral from your physician to be faxed to 416-469-6591.


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