How To Visit Our Clinic


 If you are pregnant and need prenatal care, you do not require a referral. Please call our office to book an appointment. 

If you have a gynecologic concern and would like to be seen, please have your family doctor fax this general referral to our office. 


Download and print this referral form and bring to your family physician to fax to us.  Fax: 416-466-5076

Referral Form


If you have an abnormal pap test and require colposcopy, your family MD can fax a referral to Dr. Frecker at the Outpatient Colposcopy Department at Michael Garron Hospital:
Fax number: 416-469-6458


* If you are interested in MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser therapy, you do not require a referral. Please phone our office or book online.


Book MonaLisa Touch